In Dogs We Trust

Since dogs were first domesticated, and an affinity has developed between them and their owners; not only do they frequently resemble each other. They even share personality traits and mirror each other’s behaviour. Dogs can be deliberately used for this purpose of conveying whatever the owner finds desirable. Often the affinity is less conscious, the master is unaware how much he looks like his dog.

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doubles leads 001

Double S Leads, Compton, LA

crufts 001

Crufts, Birmingham,

Dietrich and his mastiffs

Dietrich and his Mastiffs, Burbank, LA


Erin and Creme, Venice, LA

claw+veta 001

Claudia and Peepers, Long Island, NYC

m.parr 001

Martin and Ruby, Bristol


Ben, Freddo and Gertie, Berkshires, MA


Matty and Sid, Crouch End, London


Mike and Rosa Barks, Brooklyn, NYC


Josh, Daisy and Georgia, Islington, London

docr 001

Louis, Chopper and Polo, Queens, NYC

48967C2-R01-007 copy

Brian and Dotty, Brooklyn, NYC


Tabitha and Coco, Brooklyn, NYC


Nasa and Raj, Holloway, London


Eric and Buster, Brooklyn, NYC


Ty and Coltrane, Harlem, NYC

sahar 001

Sahar and Baby, Brixton, London

eo 001

Estevan, Joker, Topps and Cypress, Valley, LA

xavier+oso 001

Xavier and Oso, Venice, LA

yo+muts 001

Yo, Bax, Pico, Kilo, Bobo and Daisy, Venice, LA

sherman bulldog 001

British Bulldog, Kentish Town, London